About Haviland Designs

Depending on the budget we can produce either simple standard frames or unique bespoke frames.

Our team of craftsmen analyse the artwork and design a frame to complement it, to enhance it and show it off to its absolute best.

Our methods are traditional and our frames are of museum quality. For the wooden substrate of our frames we use a variety of hard and soft woods. Ornamentation can be applied which is either hand-carved or created from composition material. As a base for the water]gilding we apply layers of gesso. The gesso is then covered in a smooth coloured bole – the colour will be as appropriate to the picture and the room in which it will be hanging. The gold-leaf is then burnished with an agate stone, distressed and toned to suit the artwork. We gild in yellow gold, white gold and in palladium-leaf which gives a particularly rich and gorgeous dark silver finish.

Over the years we have become renowned for using unusual, quirky, witty and alternative materials. Leather, suede, shagreen, mirror-finish stainless steel, rusty iron with rivets, reclaimed floorboards, machine parts, recycled mobile ‘phones… the list goes on.